USPS Stamp Artist

Kind Words from USPS Stamp Art Director
“A couple of years ago my wife, an illustrator, came back from a visit to Green Spring Gardens greatly impressed with photographs she’d seen on display. “I saw a very gifted photographer doing just what you’ve long enjoyed. She is great! The work is beautiful—you will really be impressed!”

It was obvious to USPS and my fellow art directors that we had discovered a valuable resource—an artist whose photographic skill naturally lends itself to the small and demanding medium of postage stamps and that her talent as a graphic designer/photographer made her approach well suited for stamp design.

Cindy is a wonderful composite of artist, designer and photographer with an intuitive gift, perfected by a lot of creative application of that gift. It has been my pleasure to introduce her to stamp design and to work with her on several stamp issues.”
Phil Jordan | Falls Church, Virginia

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