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Why I Love Garden Photography

Nature's Canvas
Gardens offer an ever-changing canvas, with an endless array of colors, textures, and patterns. Each click is an opportunity to capture nature’s finest masterpiece.
Every flower, tree, or insect has a story to tell. Through my lens, I unveil the tales hidden in the petals, leaves, and moments shared in the garden.
Therapeutic Escape
Garden photography is my escape from the daily grind. It’s a therapeutic journey that connects me with the serenity of nature and brings peace to my soul.
Seasonal Spectacle
Throughout the year, gardens transform dramatically. From the rebirth of spring to the quiet beauty of winter, my camera follows the cycles of life.
Close Encounters
In the garden, I get up close and personal with the natural world. Macro photography reveals the intricate details we often overlook.
Creativity Unleashed
The garden is my artistic playground. Composing shots, experimenting with angles, and playing with light lets my creativity run wild.
Inspiration & Community
Garden photography fuels my imagination. Each shot I take is a wellspring of inspiration for my other creative pursuits. Sharing my garden photos fosters a sense of community. I connect with fellow enthusiasts and learn from their experiences.
Conservation Consciousness
By documenting the beauty of gardens, I hope to inspire others to appreciate and protect our environment.
Timeless Memories
My garden photos are not just images but lasting memories. They freeze moments in time that I can revisit and cherish. In every petal, dewdrop, and ray of sunlight, I find a reason to celebrate the art of garden photography. 

Why I Love Teaching Garden Photography

Passion for Photography
I have a deep passion for photography, and teaching allows me to share my love for the art with others. Garden photography, in particular, can be incredibly rewarding due to the natural beauty and diversity of subjects available.

Connection to Nature
Garden photography often involves capturing the beauty of plants, flowers, and landscapes. Teaching this allows me to connect with nature and inspire others to appreciate and protect the environment.

Creative Expression and Personal Growth
Teaching garden photography provides a platform for creative expression. I can guide my students in exploring their artistic side and finding unique ways to capture the beauty of gardens. Teaching is also a learning experience. When I teach garden photography, I continuously expand my own knowledge and skills in photography, which can be personally fulfilling.

Sharing Knowledge and Inspiring Others
It’s fulfilling to share my expertise and help others develop their photography skills. Witnessing my students’ growth and improvement can be a source of pride and satisfaction. Garden photography can inspire my students to explore new interests, connect with nature, and develop an appreciation for the world around them. We can create a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for both photography and nature.

My love for teaching garden photography stems from a combination of these reasons, and the joy I derive from sharing my passion with others and helping them discover the beauty of the natural world through photography.

From Clients & Colleagues

“If a plant has a soul, Cindy is the one who captures it. 
If a garden is a green growing story, Cindy is the one who illustrates it. 
If color is a gift, Cindy is our Santa Claus. And if composition is an art form, Cindy is our Monet of curves and lines and light and shadow and color and shapes. She has the gift, and it emerges every time she pushes the shutter release.”

Jefferson Evans

Storm Chasin' Photographer | Falls Church, Virginia
“Cindy’s photography talents are simply put, amazing. I am in awe of what she sees and captures behind the lens that most of us would just take for granted. 
The beauty of a single insect retrieving pollen from a single flower, so clear and crisp, to the sunset in the picturesque distance. She is such a talented photographer.”

Martha Bizzell

Business Consultant | San Antonio, Texas
“Cindy Dyer has an eye for a perfect photo and for creative design. She marries these two talents into skilled graphic execution. She keeps current with magazine and photography trends and displays her knowledge of both in her work. 
Cindy stretches her creative talents to match what clients are looking for in the finished product. When you look at her work you can see imagination and creativity, accompanied with style and discipline.”

Barbara Kelly

Executive Director | Hearing Loss Association of America
HORIZ Butter Iris
HORIZ Dragonfly White Waterlily
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